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I spent most of my life hiding from attention, yet I’ve chosen a career that requires me to be in the spotlight.The moment I step on stage and begin to play, my anxiety fades and I’m able to find peace connecting with the audience through my music. God has called me forward to turn my biggest fears into the gift I’m here to share with the world. To build a platform to inspire others to overcome their challenges and push toward their dreams.

I’ve lived around the country—from Washington to Georgia—as well as abroad in Japan, but I’m a Texas gal at heart. I was born in Corpus Christi, attended Dallas Baptist University, and I’m currently preparing for the Texas radio tour, where I’ll be visiting 50 stations around the state to do interviews and promote my latest album. When I’m not singing my heart out on stage, you can find me geeking out over Star Wars memorabilia, reciting Disney movies to my family by memory, or making plans to cage dive with great white sharks.

2019 Tour

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